Legislature shows its lighter side

XGR Legislative Lollipops 2
A group of senators introduce the winner of a beauty contest, standing in the Senate wings Wednesday, as they present and commend her and the pageant to their colleagues in the chamber. Photo by Caitie Burkes.

BATON ROUGE – The hour-long Senate session one morning walked and talked more like a school awards ceremony than a body that owns the sole franchise for enacting, amending and killing laws for the residents Louisiana.

Louisiana isn’t burning and its Legislature isn’t actually fiddling, but it might seem that way at times to casual visitors to the Capitol.

For example, of the 31 agenda items, 19 were sweet-as-a-lollipop resolutions recognizing a who’s who of various senators’ constituents. And that doesn’t count the proclamations, announcements, commendations, condolences, recognitions and verbal glad-handing that preceded or followed the more serious concurrent resolutions.

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