House fails to pass Republican budget bill

Rep. Lance Harris’ bill, which would raise less revenue than Gov. John Bel Edwards wants, failed in the House Friday. (Credit: Sarah Gamard)

Tryfon Boukouvidis and Paul Braun

The House failed to pass a Republican bill on Friday that would have raised a third less money than what Gov. John Bel Edwards is seeking to deal with a projected budget shortfall.

The bill, written by Rep. Lance Harris of Alexandria, who heads the Legislature’s Republican delegation, needed 70 votes to pass, but received only 64, with 38 against it.

The House plans to return on Monday afternoon to try again to pass a bill that would start consideration of possible tax measures in the special session that runs through June 4. The Senate, which is thought to favor a bill that would raise more revenue, cannot act until the House passes a bill.

The failure of the proposal on Friday was reminiscent of the House’s inability to pass any kind of tax bill in a special session that collapsed earlier this year. But Friday’s bill came closer to passage than any of the earlier bills, and House leaders will see if it is possible to make changes that would attract more votes.

Read the story in KALB.

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