‘Mr. Transparency’ tells it like it is in the Legislature

Rep. Barry Ivey, R-Central, listens to debate on a tax bill earlier this year. (Photo: Sarah Gamard)

Kaylee Poche and Ryan Noonan

No one in the Louisiana Legislature has to snoop in backroom meetings to know what Rep. Barry Ivey, R-Central, is thinking.

He will tell you right on the House floor, and this week he’s not too happy that the Legislature seems likely to apply another band-aid to the state’s budget woes instead of coming up with a more comprehensive solution.

“I realize why Louisiana is shaped like a boot, because we’re a kick-the-can state every time,” Ivey said last week.

Infamous around the Capitol for his blunt and passionate speeches and his conservative principles, Ivey has earned the nickname “Mr. Transparency” among his colleagues. He also is willing to call out members of his own party, including former Gov. Bobby Jindal, who, he says, helped to create the budget mess by putting his presidential ambitions ahead of the needs of the state.

Read the story in The Daily Advertiser.

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