Rep. Paula Davis: Public face for new Republican compromise proposal

Rep. Paula Davis, R-Baton Rouge, is the public face of a new Republican compromise proposal to extend four-tenths of the expiring penny of sales tax. (Credit: Sarah Gamard)

Paul Braun, Kaylee Poche and Devon Sanders

Rep. Paula Davis, who was tapped Tuesday to be the public face of a new Republican compromise proposal, is a first-term legislator from Baton Rouge with a low profile and a mixed voting record on taxes.

Davis’ plan would extend four-tenths of a penny of sales tax that is set to expire July 1st, an amount that would be enough, she said, to fund critical services while shrinking the overall size of state government.

Davis’ bill, which was co-authored by House Speaker Taylor Barras, would extend less than the half-cent of sales tax that Governor John Bel Edwards and the Senate have sought but more than the third of a cent that House Republican leaders endorsed earlier.

“I give credit to Paula Davis to try something that the others haven’t,” said Rep. Julie Stokes, R-Kenner, who also tried, but failed, to strike a bipartisan deal in the final minutes of the last special session. “The belief is that she can work across the aisle and hopefully get something done.”

Read the story in KALB.

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