Mind and body: How do Louisiana colleges help athletes maintain their mental health?

Lauren Li, a former collegiate gymnast, talks about her personal journal with mental health. (Photo credit: Dylan Alvarez/LSU Manship News Service)

Published: Nov. 28, 2018

By: Dylan Alvarez, Brennen Normand and Jace Mallory, LSU Manship School News Service

BATON ROUGE– As a former collegiate gymnast, Lauren Li, found comfort at LSU after experiencing emotional distress at Penn State.

“Anxiety, depression, eating disorders: It was tough just talking about it because being used to suppressing those emotions,” said Li, who was on LSU’s highly ranked team over the last three seasons. “I had to, like, learn how to be comfortable talking about it and seeking help for it if I wanted to help myself.”

It is no secret that expectations are high for athletes at universities across the country. These pressures take a toll, emotionally and physically, on athletes in all sports. And there has long been a stigma that discourages many of them from seeking mental and psychological help.

But now schools in Louisiana and elsewhere are doing more to address the problem, thanks in part to guidelines that the National Collegiate Athletic Association created in 2016 to encourage them to address the problem.

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