Victims of Ida can glimpse their recovery journey ahead through the lens of Lake Charles

Published: Sept. 17, 2021

By: Allison Kadlubar, LSU Tiger TV

BATON ROUGE — Lake Charles residents have been trudging through recovery from the catastrophic Category 4 storm Hurricane Laura for over a year.  

“It was just like, this is unreal,” said LSU junior and Lake Charles native Meredith Owen. “It’s so-much-worse-than-I thought kind of thing.” 

Owen is heartbroken every time she returns to her hometown as blue tarps still coat many homes and less than 13% of homes have begun the reconstruction process, according to the city.

“Our house still has a massive hole in the ceiling,” said Owen. 

Just over a year after the destruction of Laura, another Category 4 storm pummeled the Gulf Coast, sparing southwest Louisiana but leaving southeast Louisiana in the eye of the storm. 

“I really thought for a 2-hour window there, when the eye was over us, that we were not going to make it,” said LSU junior Dena Vial. 

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