Edwards vetoed congressional maps

Published: March 10, 2022

By: Piper Hutchinson, LSU Manship School News Service

GOV. JOHN Bel Edwards vetoed new congressional maps that did not provide for a second majority-minority district. (Piper Hutchinson/LSU Manship School News Service)

BATON ROUGE–Gov. John Bel Edwards on Wednesday vetoed maps that did little to change the boundaries of Louisiana’s congressional districts, citing the failure to add a second majority Black district. 

“I have vetoed the proposed congressional map drawn by Louisiana’s Legislature because it does not include a second majority African American district, despite Black voters making up almost a third of Louisianans per the latest U.S. Census data,” Edwards said. 

“This map is simply not fair to the people of Louisiana and does not meet the standards set forth in the federal Voting Rights Act,” he added.

Louisiana has six congressional districts, but they are drawn in such a way that a Black candidate could win in only one of them.

Read more at The Franklin Sun

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