Bill would set aside $5 million in tax credits for Louisiana pregnancy centers

Published: April 24, 2023

By: Claire Sullivan | LSU Manship School News Service

(Credit: Francis Dinh/LSU Manship School News Service) Rep. Beth Mizell proposed a tax credit for donations to pregnancy centers around the state

BATON ROUGE, La. — The state’s near-total abortion ban has reignited efforts by lawmakers to address Louisiana’s low rankings in maternal and infant health.

One bill, authored by Sen. Beth Mizell, R-Franklinton, would establish a tax credit equal to half of the donations to pregnancy centers up to a total of $5 million. It would limit donations eligible for the tax credit to $5,000 per person.

The bill advanced through the Senate Committee on Revenue and Fiscal Affairs on Monday.

“We have talked for years about how low the rankings were in Louisiana on maternal wellness and health, and it’s not lost on me that I’m speaking to a bunch of men,” Mizell said to the 10 all-male members of the committee.

The pregnancy centers, called maternal wellness centers in the bill, provide services to pregnant women and new mothers including pregnancy confirmations, parenting classes, diapers and maternal and baby clothes. There are 36 of the centers in the state, Mizell said.

Read more at WWL-TV

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