Two bills clarifying abortion language to protect physicians die in committee

Published: May 17, 2023

By: Allison Allsop, LSU Manship School News Service

A House Committee killed two bills Tuesday meant to clarify abortion language. (Allison Allsop/LSU Manship School News Service)

BATON ROUGE–A House committee killed two bills Tuesday that were meant to clarify the language of abortion laws to protect physicians making difficult choices.

House Bill 598, written by Rep. Candace Newell, D-New Orleans, was blocked in the House Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice in a 7-5 vote.

The committee rejected a similar measure, House Bill 461, by Rep. Mary DuBuisson, R-Slidell, in an 8-5 vote.

All the votes to kill both bills came from Republicans. Four Democrats and the committee’s chairman, Rep. Joseph Marino III, a political independent from Gretna, supported both bills.

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