Big-name figures help students understand: To stay or not to stay in-state?

Political Strategist and LSU professor James Carville discussed the issues surrounding millennials’ decision to stay or leave Louisiana with LSU student government president Stewart Lockett, and Re-Envisioning Louisiana symposium organizer Sarah Procopio. (Photo: Stephanie Malin)

Abbie Shull and Jacqueline DeRobertis

Young people in Louisiana are asking themselves a key question: Should I stay or should I go?

Students, political figures and entrepreneurs from across the state gathered Tuesday at LSU’s Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs for a symposium on re-envisioning Louisiana as a place that could keep more of its young talent from moving to states ranked more highly for economic and educational opportunities.

“I think if I had gone to those places that are fifth on the lists instead of 45th, I think my road ahead would be easier, but I also think it would be less impactful,” LSU sophomore Sarah Procopio said.

Procopio, a Baton Rouge native, explained that she would rather stay in her home state and fight for change.

Read more in The Advocate.

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